Child-Centered Mental Health Initiative Funded by Bozeman Health

What is the Child-Center Community Based Mental Health Initiative?

Current Mental Health America of Montana (MHA of MT) executive director, Dan Aune, has been approached by Bozeman Health to convene key community stakeholders to participate in a “community conversation” regarding the development of a strategic community based child-centered mental health delivery system.  MHA of MT has agreed and determined to have an informed discussion there is a need for the following:

Provide a gap analysis of children’s mental health and substance use treatment services

Engage key stakeholders and families

Research communities who develop a progressive child-center community-based plan

Provide as a deliverable a child-center service delivery plan to address how best to serve our children and families in the greater Gallatin medical community

Full completed report can be found on the Bozeman Health website at:

MHA of MT team members are continuing their work by participating in the Bozeman Health facilitated Elevating Behavioral Health Community Workshop and Workgroups with a hope to drive the outcomes and recommendations offered by the Child-Centered Community Based Mental Health Initiative funded by both Bozeman Health and Gallatin County Commissioners.