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The Virtual Mental Health Project was developed to connect adults, and children, with effective mental health therapy and counseling, using video conferencing technology.

Web conference technology connects those in rural areas, without adequate access to mental health services, using a hi-speed internet connection (read more).

Virtual mental health services will include individual counseling for adults, children, couples (coming soon), and peer support counseling. All direct services will be offered using HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, and will be provided by licensed counselors, therapists, and counselor's in training who are supervised by licensed counselors (read more).

Online Psychotherapy as Good as In-Person Treatment, Study Says (University of Zurich, 2013)

Counselors and Therapists are available throughout the morning, evening, and afternoon. Click the link above to find an appointment that works for you or your children. read more
The working alliance devloped in online therapy did not differ significantly from traditional face to face therapy (Preschl, Maercker, & Wagner, 2011)
Telemental health is effective for diagnosis and assessment across many populations (adult, child, geriatric, and ethnic) and for disorders in many settings (emergency, home health) and appears to be comparable to in-person care.(Hilty et al., 2013)
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