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The Virtual Mental Health Project was developed to connect adults, and children, with effective mental health therapy and counseling, using video conferencing technology.

Web conference technology connects those in rural areas, without adequate access to mental health services, using a hi-speed internet connection.

Virtual mental health services will include individual counseling for adults, children, couples (coming soon), and peer support counseling. All direct services will be offered using HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, and will be provided by licensed counselors, therapists, and counselor's in training who are supervised by licensed counselors (read more).

Sessions take place online just as they would if you drove to a therapist's office – without the time spent driving, and expense of travel.

Your privacy is protected by HIPAA guidelines, as well as federal-level encryption of the video conference service, so you can rest assured in the safety of your personal information.

The set you up takes as little as 10 minutes!

You can meet with a therapist the same day you make the appointment! If you have a newer computer or laptop, camera, and high-speed Internet…that's usually all it takes It's just like a regular visit to your therapist's office

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, with scheduled services also offered evenings and weekends.

Counselors and Therapists are available throughout the morning, evening, and afternoon. Click the link above to find an appointment that works for you or your children.
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