Youth Crisis Diversion Project

Youth Crisis Diversion & Mentoring Log

Youth Crisis Diversion Project

Shellie Aune, Youth Crisis Diversion Project Director, brings an expertise in community development, project management, budget management, planning, and accountability to the MHA of MT mission of “advocating and educating for the mental health of all Montanans”.

Shellie has been the YCD project director for the past year. Previous to this role at MHA of MT she was in the community development role prepping MHA of MT’s understanding of community needs and preparing stakeholders in communities across Montana. She was in the role of finance director for approximately four years and prior to that worked in the finance department of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.

Shellie is skilled in accounting principles, use of evaluative tools, finance reporting, project management, community assessment, stakeholder building, and has an understanding of the Montana mental health advocacy and delivery system.

Our goals are:

1) Enhance the community’s ability to develop a safe place for the youth to reside (for up to 14 days) until they are able to return home safely.

2) Support the youth in staying in their community, close to their family, professional and natural supports.

3) Support training and implementation for the development of an effective crisis plan.

4) Provide the youth with opportunities for recovery and reunification with family.

5) Support Law Enforcement training, and in offering support and/or alternatives to a family without removing the youth from their family and community for significant amounts of time.

For more information, or employment inquiries, contact us at 406 587 7774 or email Shellie at